Have You Jumped Lately?

Happy Mar10 Day!

Jumping is one of the most basic moves in gaming. From Mario’s early days to modern games like FPS titles that have nothing to do with platforming, jumping is one of the most commonly used abilities. I mean, the space bar, by far the largest button on your keyboard, is generally keybound to jumping by default, so jumping’s gotta be important!

But when was the last time you jumped in real life? Unless you’ve been playing basketball recently, it’s probably been awhile. Maybe you haven’t even thought about jumping since you were a kid? As we all get older, one of the main reasons people begin to FEEL older is because we’ve stopped doing all the things we used to do as kids! If you want to feel like a kid again, start using your body again in more ways than just the inactive and sedentary lifestyle that many adults lead.

Jumping jacks, jump rope, and burpees are a few exercises you can add to your routine to incorporate more jumping into your life. It’s a great form of cardio, helps strengthen and tone your body, and may even help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It can be a high-impact exercise, so it’s best to start small if it’s actually been awhile since you last did any jumping. Start with only a few jumps today, then build on that as you progress.

If you don’t already have a daily exercise or stretch routine, we can help you add a short but effective one to your busy schedule! Even 5-10 minutes of stretching and strengthening exercises can keep you moving better every day! We don’t live in a world with Extra Lives, so make the most of this one and keep your body in great shape by keeping it moving in all the ways that it can!



Title Image Credit: Super Mario Wiki

Dr. Yaser Murshed
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